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October 09, 2012

Oct 9, 2012 Issue #39 Published by Sue Skiff








Well, fall is here. I can feel it in the air. Hard to believe that just last week we were having temperatures in the 100's. It was supposed to be fall then, too. I miss looking at the beautiful aspens changing color in Yosemite. The walnut tree in our front yard is just starting to get some yellow leaves. The squirrels took all the walnuts a couple of months ago.

This issue is a little different, because the two articles go together. The first article was actually written as a speech in the 1990's. I entered it in a Toastmasters speech contest, and won the Area contest with it. I have dusted it off, and hope to actually use it in speaking for more than just Toastmasters. As I was remembering it, and rewriting it a couple of weeks ago, it occurred to me to write the second article, which gives the opposite perspective. I would really love to get your feedback on them.

Also, if you have any connections to, or knowledge of, organizations where I could use these two as an opener to a longer speech, please let me know. I love speaking, and want to start doing it on a regular basis.

I love to hear from you. Please send me your comments and questions.




Imagine that you hear that some aliens are interested in taking humans back to their home planet. Being the gregarious, adventurous type, you put yourself in the running to be one of those chosen. The aliens come to see you. Because of your enthusiasm, your intelligence, and your friendliness, you are chosen to go. You are so excited, but also a little nervous.

When you get to the alien planet, you are placed with a family to live in their home. Right away, there are problems, because you can’t understand a word they are saying. However, you like the attention they give you. They give you massages, and play with you, and talk to you in a way that denotes affection.

However, when they don’t have time for you, they just leave you alone to do what you please. You can’t understand the way their home works. All of the furniture makes no sense to you. When you get on something that looks like a good place to lie down, they scream at you “Zork! Zork!” And chase you away. When you find what looks like a toilet, and use it, the screaming happens, again. And, this time, one of them grabs you, and shoves your nose into your bodily wastes. How gross! Over and over again, as soon as you start to do something that is naturally human, you hear it again; “Zork! Zork!” They run at you and grab you, yelling at you in their strange language, as if they think that you know what they are saying. They point at things, or hold things in front of you when they are yelling; things that you have touched and played with. Sometimes, they even hit you with something that is kind of soft, but it still hurts.

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Imagine that you are chosen to live with a family of aliens. When you arrive at their home, nothing looks familiar. And, you can’t understand anything that they say to you. You don’t even have a frame of reference to help you make sense of their language. You are nervous about this, as you try to take in all the strangeness of your new home.

Soon, you begin to relax, though. Your new family is kind and patient. They seem to understand how hard it is for you to understand. They carefully show you where you can sleep and where you can go to the bathroom. They let you know when you do things right, and they seem to know how to keep you from getting into trouble.

Every part of your early days with your new family is structured. Your family makes sure that your needs are met, not just your physical needs, but your mental and emotional needs to. They recognize that you have a need to be mentally stimulated and learning; and that you enjoy having a job to do, and they make sure that those needs are met. They give you things to play with that they somehow know that you’ll enjoy. They give you lots of attention, especially when they notice that you are learning something that they are trying to teach you. You like their attention. When they can’t be with you, they leave you in your sleeping area with some toys or puzzles to enjoy playing with. You want to know more about where you live, and are eager to explore it. However, because of the way you’re being treated, you trust your family, and respect their rules.

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