Learn Everything You Need to Know To Teach Your Dog to Behave the Way That You Want It To

We love our dogs as members of our family. Yet, many people feel frustrated that their dogs don’t behave the way they want them to. Instead of being the nice family pets that these guardians planned for, these dogs are destructive, disobedient, even aggressive. Generally, this is not due to abuse, or lack of attention. Instead, these problems arise because well-meaning and caring dog guardians fail to communicate the rules and boundaries that their dogs need. This failure is not these humans’ fault. They simply don’t have the information they need to know to communicate with their dogs that the people are in charge, and that there are rules to follow.

Well, do I have good news for you! I have created a comprehensive book that explains everything you need to do to have that well-behaved dog that you’ve always wanted. My name is Sue Skiff. In 1991, I acquired an adolescent dog that had been abandoned in the mountains, and found by a coworker. I loved this dog, and felt closer to him than I had ever felt to any other being. But, there was one major problem with this dog. He didn’t like other animals. With the exception of my other dog, Jake, as he was originally called, tried to attack every other animal that he saw. I didn’t know what to do.

A little over a year after I got Jake, he started occasionally acting aggressively towards people. This was a total shock, as he had always loved everybody; even allowing UPS people to come into the yard when no one was home. I was desperate to find answers; scared that I might have to put my beloved dog down.I sought out, and found, the help that I needed to turn Jake around. Eventually, I changed his name to Silver, which matched his color, and also matched the dog that he became.As I learned to help Jake, I felt the need to help others with their dogs. I wanted to help people prevent the problems that I had had. And, I wanted to help people who were struggling with their dogs’ behavior.

To that end, I have been working as a dog trainer and behaviorist since 1995. I have helped countless people achieve their goals of having well-behaved dogs; doing everything from helping people get off on the right foot with their new puppies, to solving problems such as aggression, separation anxiety, fear, destructiveness, and lack of house training. With every family, and every dog, that I help I feel a great deal of satisfaction that I have eased fears and frustrations, and have created harmony within the household.

If you would like to know how to have a well-behaved dog; one that comes when it’s called, walks nicely on a leash, and follows all the rules of your household, then look no further. I have created a comprehensive, easy to use e-book that gives you simple instructions on how to train your dog, and how to prevent and solve problems with your dog. This e-book is How to Have a Well Behaved Dog.

In How to Have a Well Behaved Dog, you will:

• Learn simple techniques to show your dog that you are in charge without having to be the “alpha.”

• Acquire the knowledge that you need to set boundaries for your dog.

• Find easy to follow instructions for house breaking your dog, without ever having to deal with your dog having an accident in the house.

• Learn how to develop a trusting, respectful relationship with your dog where it wants to please you.

• Discover how to teach your dog to want to walk on a loose leash using just a leash, a regular collar, and treats or attention.

• Get information on how to pick a group obedience class.

• Find an explanation on why training using positive reinforcement is the best dog training to use; as well as an explanation of what “positive reinforcement” is.

• Acquire the information you need to easily train your dog to sit, stay, lie down on command, and leave things alone.

• See pictures that illustrate the steps to train your dog.

• Learn how to teach your dog to always want to come when it’s called, and do it.

• Find out how to solve a variety of behavior problems using positive reinforcement and behavior modification techniques.

• Even, discover how to get your dog to bring a toy back to you, and let go of it.

Here’s what people have said about How to Have a Well Behaved Dog:

I did just really really enjoy reading it! Short, to the point, and funny.... I like the casual tone and the humor. It’s easy and fun to read. And the information is really good.

- Cathy S, Dog Guardian

Want to easily train your dog? Be sure to get Sue's book. I found it not only wonderfully written, it has clear, easy to follow instructions. It goes without saying that Sue knows her stuff! I was very impressed.

- Jackie M., Artist

I charge my clients $125 an hour to work with them and their dogs one-on-one. Now, with this book, I am offering the same information for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring me to help you with your dog. For a limited time, I am offering How to Have a Well Behaved Dog at a special introductory price of:


That’s right! For less than the cost of a bag of dog food, you can have a book that teaches what you need to have the peace of mind that your dog will behave the way that you want it to; something that you would have to pay hundreds of dollars for, if you were to have me come into your home to teach it to you.

What’s the catch? Why am I offering this information for so little? As I said, this is an INTRODUCTORY PRICE. I want my initial readers to give me feedback, so that I can make improvements to the book, and so that I can put their testimonials on my next sales page, when the price is raised. Simple enough, buy How to Have a Well Behaved Dog for the low price of $17, then give me your honest feedback, and have a chance to see your name, and your comments, on future offers.

And, you will not have to wait to get an appointment. As soon as your payment is verified, you will receive a link to a page where you can instantly download, and start reading this e-book.As further incentive, right now when you buy this book, you will also receive the following FREE BONUSES:

BONUS NUMBER ONE: A free lifetime subscription to my weekly e-zine Silver Linings; valued at $149 per year. In Silver Linings, you will:

• LEARN simple dog training techniques

• OBTAIN information on dog behavior

• RECEIVE general information for pet guardians

• READ fun animal stories

BONUS NUMBER TWO: Free ½ hour Skype session with me, where you can ask me any questions that you have regarding your dog’s behavior and training. This is valued at $37.50.

BONUS NUMBER THREE: Free copies of future editions of HOW TO HAVE A WELL BEHAVED DOG

That’s a total of over $186.50 in bonuses this year, and more than $149 every year after that, in addition to the e-book!

Don’t hesitate! Get your copy of How to Have a Well Behaved Dog now.

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I wrote this book, because I wanted to help people. I want you to be totally satisfied. So, I am offering you a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee. If you try the techniques in this e-book, and are not completely satisfied with the results, simply e-mail me with the reasons for your dissatisfaction, and I will gladly refund your money.

Go ahead! Buy the book. You’ve got nothing to lose. Remember, the current price of $17 is an introductory price. If you wait to purchase this e-book, you may find that the price has gone up.

So, click here to order How to Have A Well Behaved Dog now

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to get not only the e-book, but the valuable bonuses as well.

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