You know, I really don’t understand what the big deal is about certain days. I mean, what is this thing that you humans call “time,” anyway? The only thing that I care about is what is happening now. Why do humans spend so much time thinking about things that haven’t happened, yet? How do they know whether they are going to happen, at all? Its nuts! And yet, humans spend so much time planning for things that may or may not happen. I prefer living in the now; responding to what is in front of me, and not worrying about what will happen later (unless I have a bone that I’m not ready to chew up; that needs to be buried so no one else will get it).

But, today, I am going to try to be like a human, and plan for my perfect day. I will call it a “holiday,” because humans seem to like those days more than others. Of course, I don’t get that either, because these holiday things seem to stress people out an awful lot. Okay, on with my idea. Here is my perfect day.

My day starts out not too early in the morning. I generally like to sleep later than Sue, so I would like to start out my day waking up, in a warm spot, with Sue nearby, and it is already light outside (unlike Sue, who seems to like getting up when it’s still dark). After stretching, and saying “good morning” to the humans and dogs in the house (and maybe a cat or two, if I must), I go outside. Once I get outside, I have to check the yard to make sure that everything is secure, and then do my business. This would immediately be followed by play; some good intense play that involves running around with something in my mouth, and having others to play with.

Once I have had some time to play, breakfast needs to arrive. I am not choosy about what breakfast is, but I like to eat soon after getting up, and I like to eat a lot. Sue never feeds me as much as I think that I should eat. On my holiday, she would.

Now, after breakfast, we go for a walk down to where my friend Daisy lives. I then get to play with Daisy until I’m too tired to walk home. This includes lots of running; with me being chased by Daisy. There would be several water breaks during our play, too. Oh, just thinking about this makes my tail wag. It’s still morning, and I’ve already gotten to play twice, and gotten food in between.

Next; a nice nap, on a soft lawn, in the sun, is in order. Oh yeah; with Sue nearby so that I can keep an eye on her. Naps are one of the best things there are, don’t you agree? I could nap all day, oh no, then I wouldn’t be able to play and eat. Never mind. Wait, I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it. Yawn!

After a good nap, a stop in the kitchen to get some food from the landlady would be great. Yumm!!!! Then, it’s time for another adventure. This time, I think a long hike with Sue and my friend Zoey, with many ground squirrels and dogs to meet, or to try to meet, is the ticket. Zoey and I would run and play the whole time. Wait, no, there would be good places to go into the water to cool off and get drinks along the way. The water wouldn’t be deep, though, I don’t really feel comfortable swimming, just wading. Then, we would go back to running and playing.

Of course, after that, I would be ready for another nap; a really long one. A nap in the car would be fine, or at home, or anywhere. Don’t forget to wake me when it’s time for dinner, though. After dinner, a little cuddle time would be nice, a bone to chew on, and then an early bedtime. That’s the ticket. I’ve got to rest up so that I can play again the next day. Snore!!!! Life is good!

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