This morning, I opened the cupboard in the hall, where I keep my towels and sheets, to get some clean towels out. Ahwahnee was following me around, and immediately jumped in to the cupboard. This got me thinking about cats, and how they like to get into small spaces. Over the years, I have found cats, particularly my own, jammed into many tight spaces. Here are some examples:

I have a long-time pet sitting client whose cat always hides when the house cleaners come. Usually, she just hides in my client’s closet, where she hangs out much of the time, anyway. However, there have been times when I have looked there, after being absent during a house cleaning session, and not found her. I then have to go on a search for her. I have found her in a wide variety of cupboards; always with the door closed. How dos she do that?

Once, I spent a couple of weeks caring for two cats who didn’t really appreciate my presence. Each time that I would visit them, I would look for them, so that I could determine if they were okay. Generally, I would find them under a bed; eyes wide. One time, I had a particularly hard time finding them, and finally gave up. The next time that I was there, I briefly saw one of them running into the living room. I searched everywhere, finally locating them jammed between the back of the couch and the wall. I could not begin to imagine how they had gotten in there, and felt the need to move the couch some, so that they could get out.

Speaking of couches, I have found a few cats who were jammed under a couch or a chair, where the heights of the spaces they were in were significantly smaller than the height of a lying-down cat. I can’t imagine how that would be comfortable.

Of course, my cats, as well as many others that I have known, like an opened paper bag. My cats will also occupy any box big enough for them to fit. I have found Storm jammed into boxes that were so small that there was not even a millimeter of space between her any side of the box. There was also the time that I found her curled up in a bowl in my kitchen. The roundness of the bowl fit her curled-up contours perfectly.

However, my all-time favorite strange place that I found a cat was when I found Thunder stretched out on top of, and in, some files in a plastic milk crate. In fact, for a period of time, this appeared to be his favorite hang-out. It looked totally uncomfortable.

What about your cat? Where does it like to jam itself?

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