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Hope that this finds you well. The articles in this e-zine were actually written almost a month ago. I am finally getting around to sharing them with you. I have to admit that I have had limited spare time, these days, to do such things as publish e-zines. However, mainly I am still battling with my own procrastination.

June is here, Soon, I will be doing my annual summer teaching for Lindsay Wildlife Museum. I look forward to it. I kick off the summer with my favorite mini-camp: "Animals of Hogwarts." The pet sitting requests are coming in, as well. More will definitely be welcome.

This issue's first article is jointly written by Emma and I. Emma, who wants desperately to have her own "Dear Abby" style advice column, received a question after I reminded people in the last issue that she was looking for questions. I did not really agree with her answer; and since it was a pet question,rather than a "how to live your life" question (which is Emma's specialty), I felt that I had to put my two cents in.

The second article is some further musings about my efforts to live life with enthusiasm, as Emma recommends. I stray away from that main topic, though, and talk about "The Success Codes," and how they teach one to live in love and truth. It turns out that living with enthusiasm has a great deal to do with living in truth and love. I hope that you get something out of it. I certainly got something out of writing it.

As I have stated before, I welcome your replies to this e-zine, in the form of questions about dog training and behavior, comments (including those that disagree with mine), and suggestions for articles or stories. You are also welcome to submit articles and stories of your own, if you like. And, of course, Emma would also welcome any questions that you have about life.




Yay! Someone wrote me a question! My tail is wagging my whole body over this!

Marty W of Rossmoor writes: “if we're going to buy a puppy and a kitten, which one should we bring home first?”

This is soooo obvious!! I mean, a kitten, really? Who needs a kitten? I have known several cats. In fact, I have to share a bedroom with three of them. I always ask cats to play, and all they do is either run away or get mad. Sometimes, the cats that I live with keep me from being able to cross the room. They lie where I have to walk passed them, then take swipes at me when I get close. Cats are useless. If you want to get two pets, then just get two puppies. Then, invite me over to play with them. That’s definitely the best plan.

Thank you for writing to me! I love answering questions from humans. Come on, humans, ask me about anything. Dogs can write to me, too. I will give you the right answer every time. Oh, and Sue says that I have to take questions from cats, as well, so go ahead cats, write to me.

Sue’s rebuttal:

I feel the need to answer Marty W.’s question from a dog trainer’s standpoint, because, as you can see, Emma is rather biased on this particular subject. This is a really good question. I am assuming that there are not already dogs or cats in the household, because that would make the below answer less meaningful. I definitely recommend that you don’t get both of them at the same time. Even if they were both puppies, as Emma suggests, I would not get them both at the same time. This is because each of them will need individual time to form bonds with the human family members, and to be taught boundaries. Click here for the rest of the article


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I have been working on my blocks using The Healing Codes Last week (1st week of May), I started working with some more targeted “codes” called “Success Codes.” These are specifically designed to help you rid yourself of blocks to your own success. As with all healing codes, the success codes are heart-based (that would be the emotional/spiritual heart, not the physical one). There are 12 areas of focus in the success codes: forgiveness, healthy actions, transforming beliefs, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trust, humility, and self-control. You work on one per day, in the above order, then each day after that you examine what comes up when you think about a goal, and work on whichever of the 12 areas is coming up blocked the most.

Interesting that forgiveness is the first thing that you work on, isn’t it? What a wonderful thing it is to be able to forgive. It just releases all kinds of negative gunk in one’s life. But, forgiveness is so hard. I find it especially hard to forgive myself. Boy do I ever find that hard. I blame myself for everything that goes on around me. If I could find a reason to, I’d probably try to blame myself for all of the world’s problems.

So, I have to ask myself, “How can I live my life with Emma’s enthusiasm, if I can’t even forgive myself for taking time off? How can I possibly be enthusiastic about my life when all I see is what I haven’t accomplished?” The answers to those questions are kind of obvious, aren’t they? Well, duh, no wonder I can never feel like I’m successful, and my subconscious feels the need to put up blocks, if I believe that I am never doing, or being enough.

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