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September 11, 2012

Sept 11, 2012 Issue #37 Published by Sue Skiff



Yes, Emma has No Squeaky Toy

Why My Company is Called "Silver Lining"




It's Sept already! How did that happen?

Eleven years ago I was working in a fifth grade classroom, and a 10-year old boy told me that a plane had crashed into the twin towers. I had no idea what that really meant until hours later. That was also a Tuesday. A few days later, a child who came to the Lindsay Museum to attend a birthday party told me that her dad had died in an airplane. He had been on Flight 93. It still seems unreal to me. As I write this, I commit myself further to being one of those that spreads love throughout this planet of ours, rather than hate, so that we will not have another day like Sept 11, 2001.

Okay. Onward. It has now been 3 months since I wrote my last "weekly" e-zine. I miss writing. And, I miss communicating with you.

In this issue, you will find an article on squeaky toys, and why Emma doesn't have any. Personally, it discourages me to no end that there is hardly a dog toy out there anymore that doesn't squeak. Find out why.

The other article is a story, or sorts. It is the story of the name "Silver Lining." I hope that you like it.



Yes, Emma has No Squeaky Toy

Emma has never had a squeaky toy. At least, she hasn’t had one in the four years that she’s lived with me. I don’t know what kind of toys she had before that. In fact, I have never bought a squeaky toy for a dog, and I doubt that I ever will. Emma loves them, though, I do admit. Every time that she visits a dog friend that has a toy basket, she pulls out a squeaky. Then, if I don’t intervene, she makes it squeak, and squeak, and squeak. After a while, if I let her, she’ll go get another one, and do the same thing. She’d do it all day long, if I didn’t stop her.

Maybe, she’s so obsessed with squeaky toys because she doesn’t have one of her own. However, I doubt it. She behaves differently with other toys. She plays with them, runs around with them, throws them in the air, invites others to play with her. But she just makes squeaky toys squeak. That’s why she doesn’t have any. She is obsessed with the noise they make.

You may be thinking here, and you’d be right, that I get annoyed with all that squeaking. However, it is not the annoyance that keeps me from letting her have them. It’s the obsession. It is just not healthy for her.
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Why My Company is Called "Silver Lining"

Recently, a new client mentioned to me that she was initially turned off by the name “Silver Lining Pet Services.” She said that it brought to mind the idea of death and funerals. This was, to say the least, upsetting to me. It is certainly not the image that I had hoped to project when I named my business. This is not the first time that I have been told something like this, however. About a year ago, a neighbor, noticing the name of my business on my car door said something about the fact that she had recently had a dog die; and that she would have used my services at that time if she had noticed the door sign soon enough. I didn’t ask her why she thought that my business had something to do with dead dogs. I was merely puzzled that she hadn’t noticed that under the name of the business it talked about dog training and pet sitting.

The recent revelation by my new client has stayed on my mind so much that I googled “silver lining,” “silver lining pet,” and “silver lining funerals,” just to see what would turn up. I learned that there is an upcoming movie, with “Silver Lining” in the title, and it has nothing to do with funerals. I also learned that there is a company called “Silver Lining Funerals” in Australia. However, I additionally learned that there is more than one pet rescue organization which has a name that contains “Silver Lining.” That was heartening.

After the client told me about this, I explained the name to her. And, I figured that I might as well explain it to the world, as long as I’m at it. So, here goes…..

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Silver Lining Pet Services is the business owned by Sue Skiff. It provides both dog training and pet sitting services.

If you own a dog, then look to Sue to alleviate any fears and frustrations that you have over your dog's behavior. Sue will come to your home, and set up a training program that is customized to your, and your dog's, needs. You can even have Sue do the training for you, in your home, while you go about your business. If you don't live within Sue's service area, you can contact Sue about setting up a Skype, or phone, appointment.

The first 15 minutes are free As for pet sitting services, Silver Lining Pet Services endeavors to give traveling pet owners peace of mind that their pets will be well cared for while they are away.

For further information on the services provided by Silver Lining Pet Services, please visit our website.

Silver Linings is a publication of Silver Linings Pet Services, and is published for the purpose of marketing services. The current address of Silver Linings Pet Services is: 1547 Palos Verdes Mall #202 Walnut Creek, Ca 94597

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